A Millinillionolplex (10^10^3003) Is ten to the power of a Millinillion (10^3003).

A Millinillion is (10^3003) over 300 times larger than the popularly named Googol (10^100). 

A Googolplex (10^10^100) Is ten to the power of a Googol (10^100)

This makes a Millinillionolplex (10^10^3003) by comparison infinitely greater than the already inconceivable Googolplex (10^10^100).

A Millinillion (10^3003) is the actual recognized name of a number with a 1 with 3003 Zeros after it. See   www.

A Googol (10^100) is not the  actual name of a  number with a 1 and a 100 zeros after it, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

It is actually called Ten Duotrigintillion (10^100) not the made up name of a GoogoL

This Peanuts strip (first run on January 23, 1963) easily broke the record for the largest number explicitly written out in a mainstream comic strip

A Googleplex (10^10^100) 10  is the made up name for Ten to the power of Ten Duotrigintillion (10^100), which does have a actual name in English.

In fact a Googolplex has the rather formidable name which is

"Ten trilli,
trestrigintatrecentilli,trestrigintatrecentilli,trestrigintatrecentilli,trestrigintatrecentilli, trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,
trestriginta­trecentilli,trestrigintatrecentilli, trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestrigintatrecentilli,trestriginta­trecentilli,
trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli, trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,
trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli, trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli,
trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli, trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli­,
trestriginta­trecentilli­,trestriginta­trecentilli, duotriginta­trecentillion.”

A Millinillion as previously mentioned is 10 to the power of 3003 (10^3003) is actually called a Millinillion in US, Canadian and Modern British Englilish. 

If you ever considered ten to  the power of a Milinillion (10^3003) you could do so with numerical accurately (10^10^3003) but until now no single English language word exists to describe this  notion. 

Born out of the fact that a Millinillion (10^3003) already actually exists as a English word  and a necessity to look good in front of children by answering their questions acurately , I  propose that (10^10^3003) shall be known from this day forward as a  Millinillionolplex. 

Millinillionolplex June 2013